How to capture CRM client side telemetry and send to Application Insights

To log ms crm client side telemetry to Application insights use below code: var thisEntity = window.NameSpace || {}; if (ApplicationInsights === "undefined") { var ApplicationInsights = {}; } ApplicationInsights = { trackApplicationInsight: function (entityName, properties) { var appInsights = window.appInsights || function (config) { function i(config) { t[config] = function () { var... Continue Reading →

How to download all attachments in MS CRM/Data Verse – MS CRM Attachment downloader XrmToolBox Plugin

Recently I developed my first XrmToolBox Plugin : Attachment downloader for MS CRM ( )which can be used by business users to download attachments from any table in CE. Long ago I developed a windows application to download attachments ( ) which was for on-premise CRM. I was getting many requests to add... Continue Reading →

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