Editable Grid in Dynamics CRM -December 2016 update for Dynamics 365

What’s new in December 2016 update for Dynamics 365 (Post 1.Editable Grid):

Long awaited feature i.e. editable grid is now available in the latest update of December 2016 for Dynamics 365.

The new editable grids feature provides inline editing capabilities in the main grid and subgrids without having to switch records or views. The new editable grids are supported in the web client, Dynamics 365 for phones and Dynamics 365 for tablets.

Editable grid is a new custom control in Microsoft Dynamics 365 that provides rich inline editing capabilities on web and mobile clients (Dynamics 365 for phones and Dynamics 365 for tablets) including the ability to group, sort, and filter data within the same grid so that you do not have to switch records or views. The editable grid control is supported in the homepage grid, form grids and subgrids on the web client, and in dashboards and form grids on the mobile clients. Although the editable grid control provides editing capability, it honors the read-only grid metadata and field-level security settings. Editable grids also support business rules and form scripting so you can apply custom business logic according to your organization’s requirements.

You can enable editable grids at the entity level to use in the homepage grid, or at the form level to replace read-only grids and subgrids (associated grids) with an editable grid.

You can enable the editable grid control for an entity using the customization tool in Dynamics 365 (SettingsCustomizations > Customize the System > Entities > [Entity_Name] > Controls tab.

To enable editable grid for a grid in a form, open the form editor, double-click the read-only grid that you want to replace with the editable grid, and then add/enable editable grid in the Control tab.

You can revert to the non-editable grid at any time for homepage grid and associated grids, if required.

Below is the Step By Step for converting any Read only Grid into Editable Grid  in Dynamics CRM 2016:
Step 1: Navigate to SettingsCustomizations > Customize the System > Entities > [Entity_Name].  Open the form on which the grid exist you want to modify.
Step 2:Select that grid and click change properties. In our case it;s child case grid on case entity.
Step 3: Click on the control Tab:
Step 4: Click on add control:
Step 5: Select Editable Grid and click add:
Step 6: Now you can see that editable grid control had been added into control tab but by default read only grid is selected for web,phone and tablet:
Step 7: Select the checkbox for each you want to enable editable grid on. In our case we have selected all 3:
Step 8: Click ok and  publish.
That’s it. You have enabled editable grid.
You can explore other features like grouping etc which are visible in last slide.
Now just open a record and test your editable grid working on the record.
It also have many features including sorting and grouping on grid itself.

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