Enhanced Business Rules in Dynamics 365 (Dynamics CRM)

Enhanced Business Rules in Dynamics  365 (Dynamics CRM)

There have been many changes in Dynamics CRM with release of Dynamics 365.

Business rule is one among those having major changes in after first introduced in Dynamics CRM 2013.

Business rules got new GUI (graphical user interface) to make it easier to understand and create a new Business Rule:BS0.png


A new action added in this update is “recommendation” i.e. we can add recommendation to any field so that system suggest you to fill/select something specific.


We have created a test Business rule on case entity:

Task: If origin of case is “phone call” make “contact” field business required otherwise make it non-business required:


Step 1: Set condition in properties window in left right side.

In our case it’s if on entity case, field “origin” have value “phone call” :


Step 2:  Drag and drop desired component to right mark to perform that action if condition evaluates to true:


Step 3:  Click on apply to set this action, Once clicked, text view will be updated as below:


Step 4:   Drag the component having action which you want to perform if condition evaluates to false to cross (*) mark:


Step 5 : This is how if and else actions are set in this.

Taking snapshot is another feature microsoft has provided, clicking on which download the snapshot of the business rule:


Step 6: Save, validate and activate the business rule and see the action on the form.

Below is how downloaded snapshot looks like:



We hope above post was helpful and make you comfortable in creating Business rules in latest update.


We’ll be updating you on the new feature of “recommendation” added in Business rule in upcoming post.

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