Recommendation in Business Rule : Enhanced Business Rules in Dynamics 365 (Dynamics CRM) Part-2

Enhanced Business Rules in Dynamics  365 (Dynamics CRM),Part-2

This post is the second part of our previous post on Enhanced Business Rules in Dynamics 365 (Dynamics CRM).

In last post we discussed about the GUI changes and how to create business rule using drag and drop GUI based feature of updated business rules.

Here we’ll be discussing the newly added feature of “recommendation” on any field in Dynamics CRM.

“Recommendation” is an action added in Business rules in addition to existing actions like: set business required, clear field, set value, set visible etc.

So what is this recommendation in business rules?

As the name suggest, it can add recommendation to any field on a form according to some condition or may be default so that the user can take help and can set the value of some field as per the recommendation by simply applying the recommendation or he can set it’s on value as well other than recommended value.

Here, we’ll discuss with an example how recommendation work and will demonstrate step -by- step creation of Business rule using recommendation.

Eg scenario: On opportunity form, we have a purchase time-frame having values like immediate, this quarter, this year etc.

Let’s say discount % is related to this time-frame. In this example we have take that if purchase time-frame is immediate recommended discount % is equal to 15 %. In other cases it’s only 7%.

So we want system to suggest the end user to set the values recommended on the basis of above scenario. Please keep in mind that these values are recommended and not necessarily only these values can be set unlike hard coded business rule. This is just a recommendation to end user to set values as per above rule. He/she can apply  or dismiss it.

Below is the step by step procedure to create Business rule for such scenario:

Step 1: Create a new business rule named “Recommend discount % according to purchase time-frame“. Set the condition to check if purchase time-frame is immediate as shown below:



Step 2: Now if this condition evaluates to true, drag and drop a recommendation component to right sign to perform that recommendation action:


Step 3: Set recommendation title and recommendation details for this action and click apply. As soon as you click apply, both are reflected in text view as below:


Step 4:  Click as shown in image below to set  recommended values for file in action:


Step 5: Set desired value in discount % field and click apply. In our case we have set discount % as 15:


Now you can see the text view is updated as shown in image above.

Step 6:  Now, similarly drag and drop a recommendation component on cross mark to perform the action if condition evaluates to false.

Set the title and recommendation details for this action as shown below:



Step 7: For else condition, click on action to stet recommended value of discount % field to 7 % as shown below:


Step 8:  You can see text view updated as below:rcm8

Step 10: Now you just need to save the business rule, validate it and activate it there after:


Once activated, we’r all ready to test.


Step 11: To test the above business rule, create a new opportunity and set purchase time-frame to immediate. You can see that a tiny recommendation sign in already visible before discount % field:


Step 12: As you click recommendation sign , a pop up appears showing the recommended value of this field for this condition. You can apply to set it as per the recommendation which is 15 %:


Step 13: Once you click apply, 15 is set in discount %  which is recommended discount % for immediate purchase opportunity:rcm12

You can test the else condition as well by setting purchase time-frame other than immediate and see.

That’s all on recommendation in enhanced business rule we have.

Hope you enjoyed the post and it was useful.

Keep following for more updates…!!!





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