How to Configure Voice of the Customer in Dynamics 365

How to Configure Voice of Customer in Dynamics 365How to Configure Voice of Customer in Dynamics 365

Voice of Customer is a feature released in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 and later version i.e. Dynamics 365. It enables you to capture end user feedback of any services or product overall company feedback. We can create

In this, we can create surveys for customers, get their feedback, take necessary actions on the feedback on the basis of nature of feedback to improve our services or product.

In this post, we’ll learn how can one configure voice of the customer for a Dynamics 365 instance and how can one utilize the feature provided by Microsoft to improve their product or services.

Voice of customer solution is available for each instance of Dynamics 365 online globally.

Below are the steps to Configure it into your instance:-

  1.  Voice of the customer is available for each instance. You need to select the instance for which you want to install it and then click solutions:


2. You’ll see voice of the  customer solution among others(might need to check on 2nd page) as shown below:


3. It’s showing not installed. To install it select Voice of customer and click install. Follow the dialogs to complete the installation. It’ll show installation pending for few seconds as shown below:



and then installing sh shown below. It’ll take few minutes in installation:


once it’s installed, the status of Voice of the customer solution will be change to installed.

4. Now open the dynamics 365 instance in which you have installed the Voice of the Customer solution and navigate to Settings>solutions:>Voice of the customer and open the solution. You need to enable the solution to start using it:-


Once you enable it, it’ll give you options to retrigger responses and  modifythe  configuration of Voice of the customer:


5. As you enable Voice of the Customer solution for your instance, Voice of The Customer tile start appearing in navigation pane:


So this was all about installing Voice of The Customer solution in your Dynamics 365 instance.


Now we’ll learn how to create a Survey and how to launch the survey for the customer to get the survey response:

Step 1: Navigate to Voice of The Customer>Survey


Step 2:  In the active survey view click new to create a new survey record:


Step 3:  Set the name of the survey and save and navigate to designer form to set the survey questions:


Step 4: 

On the designer form, a survey designer window will appear in which you can drag and drop different type of questions like long answer, multiple responses, rating etc.

Here we are adding a rating type question on the survey form:


Step 5:  Below is how a rating type question looks like after setting the question content:


Step 6: In the left, you have a page area where you can add or remove the pages in the survey. By default survey have 3 pages. In this example we’ll remove 2nd page and will only keep 1st welcome page and last completed page:


Step 7: Below is how you add multiple response type question. Click save to save the question after setting the question content:


Step 8: So here we have set total 3 questions of type rating, multi-response and long answers It looks like as shown below:


Step 9: Click on publish button to publish the survey. Once published then only survey can be used or tested:


Step 10: Once published, test button appears to test the survey:


Step 11: Click test button to test the survey to fill the response:



So this is how you create a survey.


Now we’ll learn how to create a survey record for a customer and how to share the survey link to the customer:

In our example, as we have created a survey for case service response, we’ll be creating a survey activity over a case record itself:

Step 1: On the case on which you want to get feedback, click on survey activity in the social pane to create a survey activity manually:


Step 2: A new survey activity form will open, in which you have to select necessary details. Select the survey you want to launch in the survey lookup. In our case we have selected Case Service feedback to get the feedback regarding service on a ticket.

Click save to save the record:


Step 3: As soon as you save the survey activity, an invitation link is created while we need to share with the customer to get the feedback:



Step 4:- User will open the link shared and the survey form will pop up.

The User will complete the survey and click submit:


As user click submit, the  complete page appears. That is the end of the survey:


Step 5: As user submits the survey, the survey response appears associated with survey record created above(This might take up to 15 minutes to sync from Azure):


Below is how a response will look like in Dynamic 365.



So this was all how one can configure the voice of the customer feature in Dynamics 365 and how to launch it for a customer.

I know there are many more things like configurations, settings etc which I haven’t explained in the post because my sole purpose was to introduce the audience to this feature and let them able to launch it for a customer.

There are many things you can do like automation of creating of survey activity and sending the invitation link to the customers through an email using workflow which i believe you can try and do at yourself. For more on the topic please click here :

If you face any difficulty, just let me know.

Becuase that’s why I’m here.


Happy learning…!


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