How to Customize color of an Entity in Dynamics CRM


In MS Dynamics crm, the entities comes with some color by default. This can be customize as per your need to best suit your business.

For ex: Here is the default color of lead entity in a D365 instance:


Now, let’s say business wants the color of lead to be green then you need to follow below steps:

  1. Navigate to setting> Customization
  2. Navigate to the entity for which you want to customize the color. It’s lead in our case.
  3. By default system show the Hex color code of default color of entity as shown below:


4. Update this hex color code with the desired color code.

You can get hex color code form or similar website.

In our case we have updated it with #A1D490 (Light green)


5. Save and publish the changes.

6. Now navigate to lead again to see the changed:



7. Color of lead has been changed to light green.

So that’s how you can do this.

Hope it would be helpful.






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