Join Free Microsoft Dynamics 365 online course (MOOC) for new users, young professionals and students

Microsoft has recently launched a new online course (MOOC) on Open edX, Managing Customer Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is publicly available and being offered free of charge. Designed to drive awareness, build introductory knowledge, and spark career interest in Dynamics 365, this MOOC is appropriate for first-time Dynamics 365 users, young professionals and students. Highlighting... Continue Reading →

Level Up: A Chrome extension for CRM Power Users

Re-blogged, Follow below for original post:- EDIT (14/11/2016): The extension is now available on Edge as well. Refer Today, I released a new Chrome extension that assists CRM power users. In this initial release there are 12 quick functionalities: Form helpers Display Logical names for controls (Original script by Chris Groh God Mode (based... Continue Reading →

How to disable hyperlink property of a lookup in dynamics crm (Unsupported way)

How to disable opening of record on click on the lookup in ms crm This, a little weird requirement of disabling the hyperlink property of a lookup field in dynamic crm can be fulfilled with below code. function DisableLookupHyperLink(lookupfieldname) { var lookupSpanNodes = document.getElementById(lookupfieldname + "_d").getElementsByTagName("SPAN"); for (var spanIndex = 0; spanIndex < lookupSpanNodes.length; spanIndex... Continue Reading →

MS Dynamics crm Security Groups

Following are are the four groups needed for CRM:- AD Name Description SQLAccessGroup The members of this group get access to CRM filtered views PrivUserGroup CRM user group for special administrative functions; Including CRMAppPool identity (domain user or NetworkService). The users who configure CRM must be added to this group. PrivReportingGroup This group create during CRM Server... Continue Reading →

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