How to track user location in Dynamics 365 for phone App – Part 2 | Track user on Google Map in CRM

Integrating google map with Dynamics crm

In previous post we discussed how to Track latitude and longitude in Dynamics 365 for phone App

Going one step forward, in this post i’ll be showing how i have integrated google map into crm and shown the last locations of user on google map embedded on user record.

I believe the solution can be used in crm module like field service to keep track of user location.

For ex: Enable tracking of location whenever a work-order is closed. You can actually see on map that what was the location of field agent when he closed the work order. Just a user case, i know you can have many.

Also added a sub-grid of location history on system user form to track.

I have uploaded Dynamics 365 v9.x compatible solution on gitHub. You can import it into your organisation/trial and test.

Let me show some screenshots in continuation of enhancement of user tracking in Dynamics 365.

Let’s suppose a user, Vishal i.e. Me have tagged it’s locations over a period of time using Dynamics 365 for phone app

Step 1:-

Location of user tracked using Dynamics 365 for phone app

Step 2:- To check the actual location of user on map, open the user record:

On user record, map shows last 10 locations tagged by user in their order

Step 3:- You can also check the user’s location history on location history tab on system user record:

Location History on User

The ready to import solution is available here.

If you are interested in the topic further, please contact me.

Happy Tracking…!!!

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