MS Dynamics crm execution order: Javscript vs Business Rule


In Dynamics crm ff you have both javascript and business rules on same form then it follow below order:

  1. Any system script is applied first
  2. Custom javascript
  3. Business rule, In case multiple business rule exist on same event, they run in the order they were activated. Means the one which was activated first will execute first and the one activated last will execute at last.

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2 thoughts on “MS Dynamics crm execution order: Javscript vs Business Rule

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  1. Hi, thanks for the post, however the image and the text below somewhat conflict with each other, could you please elaborate both the scenarios ?

    Also, a business Rule is async in nature, still will it execute before a JS ?


  2. No, Business rules has scopes. First of all you need to understand that Business rules also run of client side if Scope of business rules are set to ALL Forms and Particular form. In this case, JS will execute first and then Business rule.

    If scope of BR is Entity, then business rule will execute on Server side. You can search it on internet. There are so many articles that will clarify your doubt.


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