How to enable the new UI navigation in UCI in Dynamics 365 CE

I was trying to enable the new Navigation for UCI in Dynamics 365 CE which make the left hand menu items in sitemap to be expended by default. It is part of UI updates announced in Oct 2018. Details are available at blogs.msdn .

This is the UI experience i wanted to enable in my d365 CE instance:


On the above msdn link it’s written that ” Existing organizations will get the option to opt-in under Settings->Administration->System Settings->General starting in December.”, but unfortunately till 5th Jan,2019, i couldn’t find this setting in my instance.

To enable it, i found the chrome extension named “Level up for Dyanmics crm/365 ” which have option to enable this option for the opened D365 CE instance.

User need to install this extension and click on the “enable new navigation” button of extension after opening the target CE instance and you’ll see your instance navigation will get updated after a refresh.


Hope it would be helpful.

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