How to disassociate N:N (Many to Many) records using rest api in Dataverse

In continuation of my older post where we discussed how to associate/assign role with a user or a team

Let’s see how we can remove N to N (Many to Many) tables association using rest api:

For example, let’s say i want to remove a role from a user which is N to N association, we would make below request with delete method:

Method: Delete
https://[Your instance url]/api/data/v9.1/[primaryntitysetname]([PrimaryEntityId])/[RelationShipName]/$ref?$id=[Your instance url]/api/data/v9.1/[secondaryentitySetName]([SecondaryentityId])

Which will effectively be something like this:

Method: Delete
Url: https://[yourinstance]$ref?$id=https://[yourinstance]

Just replace [yourinstance] with your instance name and change guids and try it out.

Hope it would be helpful.

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