How to download all attachments in MS CRM/Data Verse – MS CRM Attachment downloader XrmToolBox Plugin

Recently I developed my first XrmToolBox Plugin : Attachment downloader for MS CRM ( )which can be used by business users to download attachments from any table in CE. Long ago I developed a windows application to download attachments ( ) which was for on-premise CRM. I was getting many requests to add... Continue Reading →

Query D365 CE from console app using azure ad app using client credentials – (Server to server authentication using azure ad and application user for Dynamics 365 ce)

To query ce from outside ce using webapi, follow below steps:-   Prerequisites :- Azure ad application with secret generated (Azure Subscription should be with same Office 365 account as of your D365 instance-you can login to azure using your ce trail instance credentials) (Ref ms docs) 2. Application user created in ce with same... Continue Reading →

How to download all attachments in MS CRM – MS CRM Attachment downloader

8Aprile 2021 Note: This tool is nomore supported and i have developed an alternative Xrmtoolbox plusgin which can be used for same purpose: Recently faced a requirement where crm user wanted to download attachments of certain records from a crm instance. I thought why not build an application to do the same. You can download... Continue Reading →

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